Ten Thousand Charms

7:29 AM

I'm no great musician. I really shouldn't be a critic, because it's hard to write really good songs.
But you know what? I get a little annoyed when people just make up stuff so it rhymes. Yesterday at work we were singing the worship song "Come Ye Sinners". It's a fine song, except one part that drives me crazy:

"I will arise and go to Jesus
He will embrace me in His arms
In the arms of my dear Savior
Oh, there are ten thousand charms"

Really? What kind of charms? There are ten thousand charms in his arms? Really?? Boy, that's really convenient that charms rhymes with arms. I get rather irritated when songwriters write jibbity-jabber just so it rhymes with the previous line. Not cool. Although, in this song's defense, it was originally written in 1759 and I'm sure this was a cutting-edge song back then. This song also uses the word "tarry" in it, which tells you it wasn't written any time recently. Old song. A few lame rhymes...but if nothing else, it gives us the beautiful mental picture of God showing us his giant charm bracelet and telling us about each and every one with loving care.

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  1. I find it a little odd that this is a Christian song, and yet a charm is a pagan or occult object used to conjure up spirits and use for incantations. Makes you wonder just how far the church will go to appeal to the unsaved...

  2. There is another meaning for the word "charm" -
    1. The power or quality of pleasing or delighting; attractiveness
    2. A particular quality that attracts; a delightful characteristic

    I assume that's what was meant.


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