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7:31 AM

Okay, okay, after I rambled on yesterday about how much I've been drawing lately and I'm feeling so creative...then today's post is probably the least-artsy post I've posted. It's because I'm in the middle of four different projects right now (which is very fun) but it's leaving little finished product for the blog. But I still count today's post as mini-art and certainly creativity, so here goes...
Almost every day, I drive by this sign:

It seems like a decent sign, right? Smokey's looking good, we're saving trees, everybody wins.
But I have been trying to figure out what is in Smokey's hand for months. Now, before you get all excited and write in the comment section that it's a shovel and I should have known that...I just realized he's holding a shovel handle. I don't know why it took me so long - Smokey's always holding a shovel, since forever. But why didn't the artist just connect the shovel-handle-lines down to the bottom of the sign, then? I've thought maybe it was a popsicle or a police baton or even a large matchstick to show us what not to use...Okay, okay, I should have known it was a shovel. But still, this sign irritates me. So, in revolt, I always dream about graffiting silly things on the sign to make the shovel even less obvious.
My favorite hypothetical sign graffiti is shown below:
I mean, I just did this in photoshop. I did not actually graffiti the Smokey sign. But I wish I could. It's like I'd be righting a wrong. I think it's way funnier with Smokey holding a candle (Alanis would say it's ironic.) It'd be just subtle enough that most people wouldn't notice...If there's any kind of graffiti I approve of, this is it.

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