Mighty Trees & Tiny Seeds

7:27 AM


This is my latest creation. It's a tree drawn on a piece of wood.
Last Friday I was hanging out with some dear friends of mine at a place called The Cellar in San Clemente. It was a wonderful night and we sat and chatted for hours, but I couldn't stop staring at a painting hanging up on the wall (see below). It wasn't a typical painting, most notably because it was drawn on a giant piece of wood. I loved the giant tree that almost seemed too big for its canvas and I really liked the inscription at the bottom. I think some day I'd like to make a bigger version more accurate to the one in The Cellar...this was sort of a test run to see if I could come close. Close enough. So now I have this little version that I've made, which will at least serve as a reminder of one particularly wonderful night with some particularly wonderful friends. 

Here is the only picture I have of the tree painting in the Cellar:
It's bigger and better...but I like mine, too.

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