Looking Glass

7:49 AM

As cheesy as it is, this is what I drew in church yesterday. It's me and Jesus.
It's sort of a silly, sloppy drawing, but it captures what I got out of the sermon...and that is how self-focused I've been lately, which I'd like to change. I read recently that "facebook is a mirror disguised as a window," meaning facebook is marketed as a place you can reach out to others - but it can quickly turn into an outlet for you to brag about yourself and how awesome your day was. It feels good to have people comment on your pictures, it makes you feel popular...anyway, I haven't been able to stop thinking about that quote, and I somehow felt like it applied to the sermon I heard yesterday. Not about facebook, but about life in general. It's like I've been looking for something, looking out what I think is a giant window...but really, it's a mirror. I've only been looking at myself and my problems and my surroundings. And maybe I should find a window instead.

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