Lazy Sunday

7:45 AM

Sometimes I feel guilty about how hard it is for me to focus in church. This was especially true yesterday, as I struggled to keep my eyes open for the entire sermon. I was really tired. But then I feel even more guilty when I picture Jesus sitting next to me in the pew, hanging onto every word. I'm not sure that's how it really works or if Jesus is ever metaphorically sitting next to me in church, or if he always is, or if philisophically he's really the one giving the sermon...Aaaaaaanyway, it just helps me to put things in perspective sometimes, when I picture Jesus next to me doing the same thing. You know, WWJD and all. But I'll tell you what J would D - he'd get a good night's sleep on Saturday night so that he could stay awake in church the next morning. I, on the other hand, was up until 2:30 so I deserved to be tired. Don't worry, I wasn't out partying or anything. I was in my bed watching episodes of Parenthood and drawing cartoons - it's like the opposite of partying. Anyway, here's a picture of Jesus and sleepy me in church yesterday.

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