J is for Jackwagon

7:31 AM

I hesitated posting this picture at the risk of anyone assuming I'm making fun of someone here...but I am not. Let me be clear. I have only good things to say about the jackwagon pictured. There's a Geico commerical where someone is called a "jackwagon" and my coworker Matt quickly inherited that nickname (possibly against his will.) It's not meant to be mean...Jackwagon is just a silly word, right? So Matt has sort of become the official jackwagon around these parts. And I say, if Matt is being called a jackwagon, then it simply must be a term of endearment, because Matt is pure wonderful.

Oh, and also - he makes finger-guns with his hands all the time and says "BOOM!" a lot. He's from Texas.

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  1. I love this... it was perfect for calling my co-worker one today! :)

  2. Love the photo. I'm in the Navy on a submarine. I like to goof around a lot and one day I just became known as Jackwagon. Now known as "The Ship's Jackwagon".


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