Cartoon Michael

7:41 AM

This is a cartoon version of my friend and coworker, Michael Field.
He's sort of a recurring character in my artwork because he's so easy to caricature.
I wish he looked a little happier in this drawing, but somehow it always started looking less like him when I gave him a grin. In real life, Michael smiles all the time. Sadly, I can't take all the credit for this drawing style, as I was copying the work of Invisible Creature, who created this poster that I saw and loved:
So yes, I totally copied the artsy style of this poster, but I love it. I don't care if I was copying.
I created the whole thing in Adobe Illustrator, which I rarely do. It was a good exercise to get me using different techniques.
I'd love to design more characters in this style if I can, and maybe I'll draw them holding a giant hamburger like this guy.

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  1. again, you amaze me. Will you please make this style cartoon of my family? I want to frame it! I'll pay you


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