7:34 AM

This is one of my finer achievements in life: Boyfriendland.
In 2006 I was working at camp on summer staff and it was a summer of doodling...or rather, it was a summer of dude-ling (scratch that, it looks weird.) I was on a primarily-female staff and it seemed like whenever we sat down for a staff meeting or hang-out time, one of them was asking me to draw them a boyfriend. It seems silly, but soon I had lots and lots of requests to draw various "boyfriends" for my female coworkers. It was a fun job. After one particular doodling session, on the paper above a mass of boyfriend-worthy faces, I scrawled the word "Boyfriendland" as the location name of this mythical place where boyfriends can be found by the dozen. Since then, I created a notepad with the Boyfriendland theme and maybe some day I'll actually do something with it. For now, it's just a fun reminder of Summer 2006 and the joy that can result from drawing the man (or men) of your dreams.

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  1. I want a notepad with this on it! Actually... a few! We should talk...


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