Annie the Boxer

7:57 AM

This cartoon is a almost too cheesy for me to talk about seriously.
I drew it as a representation of what it's like when you're all tired and worn down and Jesus is the one that's always in your corner...Yeeeesh, even just saying that bit sounds cheesy. But it's still a fun reminder that Coach Jesus will always be there to get me back in the ring.

Fun fact: I originally titled this post "Million Dollar Crybaby," simply because I love a good play on words. But it would have been the lamest title ever. I couldn't do it. I also tried to come up with a "Rocky" pun but there's nothing to work with there.


J is for Jackwagon

7:31 AM

I hesitated posting this picture at the risk of anyone assuming I'm making fun of someone here...but I am not. Let me be clear. I have only good things to say about the jackwagon pictured. There's a Geico commerical where someone is called a "jackwagon" and my coworker Matt quickly inherited that nickname (possibly against his will.) It's not meant to be mean...Jackwagon is just a silly word, right? So Matt has sort of become the official jackwagon around these parts. And I say, if Matt is being called a jackwagon, then it simply must be a term of endearment, because Matt is pure wonderful.

Oh, and also - he makes finger-guns with his hands all the time and says "BOOM!" a lot. He's from Texas.


My Graffiti

7:31 AM

Okay, okay, after I rambled on yesterday about how much I've been drawing lately and I'm feeling so creative...then today's post is probably the least-artsy post I've posted. It's because I'm in the middle of four different projects right now (which is very fun) but it's leaving little finished product for the blog. But I still count today's post as mini-art and certainly creativity, so here goes...
Almost every day, I drive by this sign:

It seems like a decent sign, right? Smokey's looking good, we're saving trees, everybody wins.
But I have been trying to figure out what is in Smokey's hand for months. Now, before you get all excited and write in the comment section that it's a shovel and I should have known that...I just realized he's holding a shovel handle. I don't know why it took me so long - Smokey's always holding a shovel, since forever. But why didn't the artist just connect the shovel-handle-lines down to the bottom of the sign, then? I've thought maybe it was a popsicle or a police baton or even a large matchstick to show us what not to use...Okay, okay, I should have known it was a shovel. But still, this sign irritates me. So, in revolt, I always dream about graffiting silly things on the sign to make the shovel even less obvious.
My favorite hypothetical sign graffiti is shown below:
I mean, I just did this in photoshop. I did not actually graffiti the Smokey sign. But I wish I could. It's like I'd be righting a wrong. I think it's way funnier with Smokey holding a candle (Alanis would say it's ironic.) It'd be just subtle enough that most people wouldn't notice...If there's any kind of graffiti I approve of, this is it.


M is for Mullet

7:43 AM

First of all, I just want to say that this is the most creatively-inspired I've been in a long time.
Every day I am literally bursting at the seams with new ideas of things I want to draw and create and design. (Well, not literally. That would be disgusting.) But I can’t remember a time where I’ve been this excited to draw. I have to keep a “to-draw” list on my desk to keep it all straight, so I don’t forget these fun ideas. They aren’t all masterpieces (as Mr. Mullet here proves), but I am having a really good time drawing right now. Over the months there’s been a constant voice in my head wondering why I decided to blog at all, and today I feel like that voice will be put to rest. Because six months ago I was in a drawing slump with no vision or motivation, and now I’m at a point where I wish I could take a month off of work and just draw all day, every day, and it wouldn’t be enough time. It’s a very fulfilling feeling. Blogging has been worth it just for me to get to this point.

And as for today’s work of art, it was inspired by all the children’s books I’ve been reading lately. I mean, the books I’ve been reading to my friends’ children. All of the “A is for Apple” books are just so…predictable. I’d love to make a letter series that is more imaginative/ridiculous. This is a good start.


Cartoon Michael

7:41 AM

This is a cartoon version of my friend and coworker, Michael Field.
He's sort of a recurring character in my artwork because he's so easy to caricature.
I wish he looked a little happier in this drawing, but somehow it always started looking less like him when I gave him a grin. In real life, Michael smiles all the time. Sadly, I can't take all the credit for this drawing style, as I was copying the work of Invisible Creature, who created this poster that I saw and loved:
So yes, I totally copied the artsy style of this poster, but I love it. I don't care if I was copying.
I created the whole thing in Adobe Illustrator, which I rarely do. It was a good exercise to get me using different techniques.
I'd love to design more characters in this style if I can, and maybe I'll draw them holding a giant hamburger like this guy.


Jesus Time

8:03 AM

This is a cartoon mocking how sometimes I'm "too busy" to find time with God, or at least it seems that way. 
For as much as I say I want God to reveal himself all the time, there are also plenty of times where I forget to think about him for an entire day.


Boyfriendland's Secret to Success

7:39 AM

I haven't quite finished this yet, but it's been fun to work on.
It's how Boyfriendland stays populated with such dreamy dudes all the time.
It appears that average guys walk in, and perfect ready-made boyfriends come out the other side.
All I know is that I want to go to there.


Octopus Garden

7:34 AM

Okay, I know this barely counts as art. But here it is.
My 3-year-old housemate Adeline helped me with the stickers. She said they were more bubbles.
I started off drawing the octopus because that's one of the only things that Addie can draw, so I thought she'd appreciate that I can draw an octopus, too. I of course wanted the octopus to have a garden (like the Beatles song) but I got self-conscious about whether it should be "Octopus's Garden" or "Octopus' Garden," so the sign simply reads "Octopus Garden," which I think is funnier. Apparently our friend the octopus grows carrots and appreciates Christian-themed bubbles. In conclusion, I'd like to be under the sea in an octopus garden in the shade.


Mighty Trees & Tiny Seeds

7:27 AM


This is my latest creation. It's a tree drawn on a piece of wood.
Last Friday I was hanging out with some dear friends of mine at a place called The Cellar in San Clemente. It was a wonderful night and we sat and chatted for hours, but I couldn't stop staring at a painting hanging up on the wall (see below). It wasn't a typical painting, most notably because it was drawn on a giant piece of wood. I loved the giant tree that almost seemed too big for its canvas and I really liked the inscription at the bottom. I think some day I'd like to make a bigger version more accurate to the one in The Cellar...this was sort of a test run to see if I could come close. Close enough. So now I have this little version that I've made, which will at least serve as a reminder of one particularly wonderful night with some particularly wonderful friends. 

Here is the only picture I have of the tree painting in the Cellar:
It's bigger and better...but I like mine, too.


Looking Glass

7:49 AM

As cheesy as it is, this is what I drew in church yesterday. It's me and Jesus.
It's sort of a silly, sloppy drawing, but it captures what I got out of the sermon...and that is how self-focused I've been lately, which I'd like to change. I read recently that "facebook is a mirror disguised as a window," meaning facebook is marketed as a place you can reach out to others - but it can quickly turn into an outlet for you to brag about yourself and how awesome your day was. It feels good to have people comment on your pictures, it makes you feel popular...anyway, I haven't been able to stop thinking about that quote, and I somehow felt like it applied to the sermon I heard yesterday. Not about facebook, but about life in general. It's like I've been looking for something, looking out what I think is a giant window...but really, it's a mirror. I've only been looking at myself and my problems and my surroundings. And maybe I should find a window instead.


Arctic Annie

7:08 AM

Yep, this is just what it looks like...just your average cartoon of me riding on the back of a woolly mammoth.
These are actually Sid and Manny, the stars of the movie Ice Age. I'm not really a character from the movie, but I took some artistic liberties and added myself in.


LOST Dudes

7:43 AM

Since yesterday's drawing was Lost-themed, I figured I'd continue that for another day.
These were attempts at drawing the different Lost guys. I didn't feel like drawing the ladyfolk.
The top nine (Jin, Locke, Jack, Sawyer, Sayid, Charlie, Hurley, Ben, and Desmond) were the ones I liked best and the bottom ones are the rejects. I still enjoy comparing those to my final choices (Ben gets the most-improved award.) Anyway, I shouldn't linger here too long, or I'll start to get mad about the finale again...



7:35 AM

So, the convenient thing about my drawings of Jesus is that they can also double as drawings of Sayid from Lost.
Just a few quick changes and suddenly we're in a plane instead of a church!
I'm playing the role of "Sleepy Passenger Who Dies in the Plane Crash." I never make it to Episode 2.


Lazy Sunday

7:45 AM

Sometimes I feel guilty about how hard it is for me to focus in church. This was especially true yesterday, as I struggled to keep my eyes open for the entire sermon. I was really tired. But then I feel even more guilty when I picture Jesus sitting next to me in the pew, hanging onto every word. I'm not sure that's how it really works or if Jesus is ever metaphorically sitting next to me in church, or if he always is, or if philisophically he's really the one giving the sermon...Aaaaaaanyway, it just helps me to put things in perspective sometimes, when I picture Jesus next to me doing the same thing. You know, WWJD and all. But I'll tell you what J would D - he'd get a good night's sleep on Saturday night so that he could stay awake in church the next morning. I, on the other hand, was up until 2:30 so I deserved to be tired. Don't worry, I wasn't out partying or anything. I was in my bed watching episodes of Parenthood and drawing cartoons - it's like the opposite of partying. Anyway, here's a picture of Jesus and sleepy me in church yesterday.


Alex Mocks

7:24 AM

This one's kind of silly, but I'm thankful I had it to pull out from the Annie archives, since I have ZERO time to draw anything new today. I'm a bit stressed. This cartoon depicts a silly hypothetical conversation with a hypothetical coworker. It's not that there's any great punchline - I just enjoy depicting my sense of humor in comics, the kind of humor where the other person doesn't necessarily realize that I'm mocking them...I mean, not that I ever mock anyone. Hypothetically.


Life Goals

7:44 AM

Lately I've been thinking about some of my life goals.
Before I die, I'd really like to get in a swordfight.
I'd also like the chance to take a lie detector test.
Then I realized the only thing more awesome than doing both of those things
would be to do them at the same time.

New life goal.


Ten Thousand Charms

7:29 AM

I'm no great musician. I really shouldn't be a critic, because it's hard to write really good songs.
But you know what? I get a little annoyed when people just make up stuff so it rhymes. Yesterday at work we were singing the worship song "Come Ye Sinners". It's a fine song, except one part that drives me crazy:

"I will arise and go to Jesus
He will embrace me in His arms
In the arms of my dear Savior
Oh, there are ten thousand charms"

Really? What kind of charms? There are ten thousand charms in his arms? Really?? Boy, that's really convenient that charms rhymes with arms. I get rather irritated when songwriters write jibbity-jabber just so it rhymes with the previous line. Not cool. Although, in this song's defense, it was originally written in 1759 and I'm sure this was a cutting-edge song back then. This song also uses the word "tarry" in it, which tells you it wasn't written any time recently. Old song. A few lame rhymes...but if nothing else, it gives us the beautiful mental picture of God showing us his giant charm bracelet and telling us about each and every one with loving care.



7:34 AM

This is one of my finer achievements in life: Boyfriendland.
In 2006 I was working at camp on summer staff and it was a summer of doodling...or rather, it was a summer of dude-ling (scratch that, it looks weird.) I was on a primarily-female staff and it seemed like whenever we sat down for a staff meeting or hang-out time, one of them was asking me to draw them a boyfriend. It seems silly, but soon I had lots and lots of requests to draw various "boyfriends" for my female coworkers. It was a fun job. After one particular doodling session, on the paper above a mass of boyfriend-worthy faces, I scrawled the word "Boyfriendland" as the location name of this mythical place where boyfriends can be found by the dozen. Since then, I created a notepad with the Boyfriendland theme and maybe some day I'll actually do something with it. For now, it's just a fun reminder of Summer 2006 and the joy that can result from drawing the man (or men) of your dreams.


Days of Gray

7:26 AM

This is just a random project I threw together...I know the birds-on-a-wire bit is getting to be unoriginal these days, but it needed something. I drew the words, painted the colored part, and stole the bird clipart (maybe I'm getting lazy...) The saying is a fun double-meaning - I love gray stormy skies and also my dear friends the Grays. So whenever there's no sun out, or you see me with Sarah and Dustin Gray, just know that I'm excited about it.

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