The Tarzan that could have been...

7:23 AM

The year is 1996. I'm a freshman in high school.
I read somewhere that Disney's next animated film is going to be...Tarzan.
I always loved the story of Tarzan, so I was excited about Disney's choice. But then for some reason, it made me want to draw Tarzan myself, like I was designing the characters for the movie. I ended up doing several storyboards and character sketches, as if I was creating the movie myself. (This is why I never got caught up in the "party scene" in high school...I was busy doing this.) So, since I'm home at my parents' house for a few days, I thought it could be fun do display some prehistoric Annie art.
Here you go - Annie's Tarzan, in all its glory: 

 We start with the rough character sketches. There's Tarzan, Jane, and (my personal favorite) I invented a chimpanzee named "Macintosh" to be Tarzan's sidekick. He also has two other close animal friends: a toucan named Jose and a snake named Ryley (worst snake name ever). Tarzan has very poofy hair, a buff chest, and a teeny tiny waist. I'd like to draw your attention to the dancing Tarzan in the bottom right corner...I wouldn't want you to miss that. And for as long as I can remember, we've had this "Auction '87" paper in my parents' house for scratch paper...I have no idea why we have it. 

Next we have more detailed drawings of Tarzan and Co. I think there are two clear winners on this page - first, the knockout version I drew of Jane (I was still learning how to draw everything proportionally) and second - the drawing of Tarzan in the hammock with Ryley the snake. They're obviously having a very sweet moment, with Jose perched lovingly on Tarzan's shoulder.

And last but not least...detailed versions of Macintosh and Jane. I'm very fond of the drawing of Tarzan and Mac taking a nap together. I can't believe I actually drew that. And Jane's face could sure use some work...I'm telling you, I always have a harder time drawing girls. I don't know exactly what's going on in the bottom right corner, but I do know that Tarzan is wearing an outfit consisting of a loincloth, a suit jacket, and a bowtie made out of leaves.

Well, that's it for now. I like to think my drawing has improved slightly over the years...but these are still super-fun for me to look back on. I'm glad my mother saves everything.

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