Tarzan Returns

7:26 AM

Okay, we're all probably getting pretty tired of my childhood drawings, so here's the last one. It's one more peek into my early sketches of what Tarzan "should have been." Disney really missed out...they should have hired me to do their designs.
Here are my Tarzan storyboards.
1. Tarzan is sad because he's lonely, despite all the backrubs he gets from Macintosh the Chimp.
2. Tarzan says "Look! A plane is crashing!" Mac is equally concerned.
3. Tarzan, wearing Macintosh like a backpack, swings down from their treehouse to see what's become of the plane.

8. Tarzan has found Jane and is bringing her up to his treehouse.
9. Tarzan and Macintosh creepily watch Jane while she sleeps. How is Tarzan not on fire?
10. Jane wakes up.
11. The first thing she sees is Tarzan and his monkey and their nervous smiles.
12. Jane is hesitant...
13. ...then terrified.
14. Tarzan lifts his finger to his mouth and says "shhhh." Creeper.
15. Jane looks down and realizes how far up in the trees they are.

16. Tarzan tries to get Jane to chill out.
17. Jane sits off by herself.
18. Tarzan gets an idea to make Jane feel welcome.
19. He tells his chimp his great idea.
20. Mac goes running off to carry out Tarzan's plan.
21. Mac swings on a vine like a champ.

31. Tarzan looks good in a loincloth.
32. He tells Jane that they're going to go somewhere.
33. Jane is all "I'm not going to swing on that vine."
34. Tarzan's like, "Yeah you are."
35. They swing on the vine.
36. Tarzan introduces Jane to more of his animal friends, which seems to cheer her up.

So I know Disney is really regretting that they didn't have me be a part of the process, because I really have some good stuff here. Thanks for your patience as I assaulted you with such childish sketches this week...I promise next week I'll be back to normal.

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