My First Sketchbook

7:41 AM

When I was seven years old, my parents gave me a journal/sketchbook that I used for several years. It alternated between lined pages and blank pages, so I would write what happened in my life on one page, while drawing it on the other. Looking back on it, it's fun to read how simple my thoughts seemed and how silly my drawings were. Here are some sample pages:

July 3rd, 1989 (I'm seven)
"Today we went to the top of a BIG arch. When I looked out the windows I felt like I was going to fall! We ate lunch at a floating McDonald's. We saw how to make beer."

That's it. Those are my wise words. My handwriting was so messy and giant that those words took up the whole page. We were on a family vacation to St. Louis and we went up in the big arch (the blue marks on my face are meant to be nervous sweat, not tears, although I'm not sure which is worse.) We also ate at a McDonald's that is built on some sort of a barge (so it's advertised as "The Floating McDonald's) and apparently we toured a brewery later.
 This drawing is a depiction of my parents and me at a minor league baseball game. We saw the Toledo Mudhens play the Columbus Clippers, and I was running around trying to catch foul balls. Check out how curly I used to draw nostrils!
 This drawing depicts March 23rd, 1990, when I got braces for the first time. I drew a picture of my orthodontist working on my teeth, and I love that I drew her with teeny tiny arms.
More young Annie drawings still to come!

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