7:45 AM

Sometimes I like to draw my conversations with Jesus (Jesus Christ, not a guy named Hey-Zeus.)
I don't think I've posted many of them on here yet because...I guess I'm paranoid of being misunderstood. There's a lot of clarifiers and prefaces that I want to declare when I share drawings like these with anyone. For instance - I don't think Jesus was white, I just don't want to cross-hatch his face for shading. Should I be drawing nail-holes in his hands? Or his wrists? And I don't know what Jesus looked like (even just now, I'm thinking "Should I have typed 'looks like'? Because he's still technically God and alive and everything...Oh gosh, should I have capitalized the 'h' in 'he'?!") There are a lot of technicalities. I don't know how to draw God, but trying to draw him helps me cope. And understand. And vent. So I draw little cartoon Annie having conversations with a doodle version of Jesus, wearing the cliche white robe and looking whiter that he probably was/is. So don't nitpick, okay? Just go with it. Because I've been drawing a lot of Jesus doodles lately.

This one is kind of a sillier one, just mocking myself for not being able to focus when I pray. I'm like a child (not in the childlike faith way as much as the A.D.D. way) and I have a hard time focusing. Normally I clean up my drawings a little in Photoshop before I consider them finished, but for some reason I like how messy and sloppy this one is. Oooh, maybe it represents how messy faith can be deep.

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