7:25 AM

This drawing was inspired by some old home movies I was watching with my parents this week.
We watched lots and lots of riveting footage of my five-year-old self playing with bubbles in the backyard. My parents would blow the bubbles and I would chase after them with the sole intent of keeping them from hitting the ground. I kept referring to myself as the "upper," as in "Mommy, you make the bubbles this time and I'll be the 'upper,'" except I didn't need to clarify because I was always the upper. It was a funny sight - I think most children like to pop the bubbles or chase them, but I was on my hands and knees blowing them higher to protect them from hitting the grass, and it almost never worked. Anyway, I started thinking about what it would be like if bubbles came in different shapes (similar to Gandalf's fireworks) and this is the drawing that came to be.

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