An Annie Brown Christmas

7:35 AM

Since Christmas is tomorrow I thought it would be fun to draw myself as Charlie Brown in his Christmas special, but then somebody had to be this is supposed to be a cartoon version of my dad with me. He's holding the sports page of the newspaper in place of Linus's blanket. And I look rather Peppermint-Pattyish as I hold the beloved baby wussy tree. I always loved the line where Lucy says to Charlie Brown "Can't you even tell a good tree from a poor tree?" which is why I included it (I feel the need to clear my father's name and clarify that he wouldn't criticize my tree-picking choice in real life.) On a somewhat-unrelated note, I really like hats and I wish I wore them more. For now I'll have to just keep drawing them.

I hope you have a good holiday season and not a poor one.
Merry Christmas!

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  1. Annie: I love your illustration. Very impressive. I work for a company called King Tre Specialists, Inc. and handle most of the social media. I was wondering if I could credit you and use this illustration for a post for our Plant Health Care services? Please let me know what you think. thanks: Brad

  2. My name is Annie Brown, and I've always loved Charlie Brown, but until seeing this, I never considered what I might look like as a Peanuts character. Now I want to track down someone who could depict me as one!


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