There's nothing wrong with a little make-believe.

7:36 AM

This comic is only funny to me because it's based off an actual conversation that I had with my dad.
My dad is a good man. There are many traits of his that I've inherited, and I'm happy that I resemble him in so many ways. One trait that we share is our passion for things - we are passionate about the things we love. Especially the little things. For me it's fancy salads, Tina Fey, mechanical pencils, James Bond...for him, it's things like keyboard shortcuts, fruitcake, hybrid cars, and any TV show where bad guys go to jail at the end. We have different loves, but the same level of intensity and devotion to them.

On the other hand, we also tend to be less accepting of the things we don't like. And my dad does not like stories based around make-believe. You couldn't pay him enough to sit through Lord of the Rings. That would be torture for him. He saw Star Wars when it came out (to see what all the fuss was about) and thought it was ridiculous. Who doesn't like Star Wars?! So when I mentioned that I saw Harry Potter, he had a hard time understanding why I would want to see such a "silly" movie in the first place. But then he weakened his remaining credibilty by talking about how awesome PeeWee Herman is...I was reminded that, no matter what nerdy thing I'm obsessed with right now, my dad is infatuated with something equally silly. Like father, like daughter.

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