8:15 AM

I drew this picture five and a half years ago, a week before I thought I was going to have to leave the mountains that I live in...summer was ending and I had to go back to my "normal" life, which at the time was a small apartment in Azusa (Azusa is a lot less pretty than my mountains.) I drew this picture sadly - I drew it representing what I was going to miss when I had to leave. I knew I was going to miss waking up to nature and the mountains around me, but then something wonderful happened...circumstances changed, a job appeared, and suddenly I realized I was never moving back to Azusa.

I still live in the mountains today. I still love it.
And I like that this drawing started out as a lament of what my life would be lacking, but instead it represents my life as it still is. Every day when I wake up, the first things I see are the sprawling oak trees outside my window that change with the seasons...and I am thankful.

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