Sometimes I'm a Copycat

7:34 AM

I recently saw some artwork by a guy named Jordan Josafat, and it was so cool that I immediately had to try to create some of my own. He draws these pretty watercolor houses perched up on little stilts, with telephone wires somehow looking elegant and delicate...I just wanted to see if I could make them myself.

I find myself copying people's artwork a lot. It's a good excercise, a way to make yourself draw something you've never drawn before. This is my first venture into the houses-on-tiny-stilts-world. And I like it. I wouldn't have drawn this without the inspiration from Jordan. But what makes me sad is that once it's all said and done, once I have this cool thing staring up at me from my sketchbook - even though I created it with my pen and my paintbrush, it's not mine. I couldn't sell this or try to pass it off as my own. It's like learning a great Beatles song on guitar - even if you practice for hours and hours and get it right and you're so proud of how you can play it, it's still not yours...Then again, cover songs get released all the time.
Consider this a cover song of the smash hit "Houses on Stilts" by Jordan Josafat.
Sung and performed by Annie Ludes.

Here's Jordan's website and some other paintings he's created: 

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