7:24 AM

This is an oldy-but-goody that I drew years ago, but today I felt like posting it.
I drew it to represent the different "seasons" we go through in life - that sometimes a weary "winter" makes our branches feel like drooping, our leaves wither up and fall...and sometimes it's spring, with strong branches and lots of leaves. Lately I've been feeling like I'm in winter. Or rather, it feels like I'm in one season and most of my friends are in another (I'm sure this is reeeeally hard for most of you to decipher) but as I look at this, I remember that this isn't a "bad" season. This is the season of life where I can go to a 10pm movie on a whim or sleep until noon on Saturdays, or travel every week for months (my schedule lately), and I get to spend hours and hours drawing and dreaming and creating (I'm told in other seasons, your time gets taken up quicker.)
So if this is winter - bring it on. I'm determined to see the beauty of it. And I really, really love snow.

And on a very random side note - ladies, didn't you hate it when you were like twelve and all your female relatives started talking about how you were "blossoming"?! Gosh, I hated that term. I will never tell anyone that they are blossoming. Ever. Even if their arms are literally sprouting flowers.

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