One More High-Rise

7:24 AM

Okay, one more copycat high-rise drawing...this will be my last (at least for now.)
I think I finally "got it," though - this is the first one I love enough to have up on my wall or something. It's the only one that actually uses two-point perspective somewhat correctly, and I like all the random colors in it. I like that sometimes the watercolor is bleeding a little bit outside the lines, and the "stilts" lines are a little wobbly. I like that the telephone wires go right through the little city. I like the lone crane. I've been debating which building I would live in and, though green is typically my first choice, I think I have to go with the building with the fire escape, because I love them. I want to sit on the fire escape playing Moon River like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. I would also consider using my fire escape to cuddle up with Hugh Jackman like in Kate & Leopold. Fire escapes clearly have several very practical uses, and I want a piece of that pie.

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