Old Youngin

7:23 AM

I like this guy. How could I not?
I originally started this drawing thinking I was drawing a young dude. I drew the jawline, the Buddy Holly glasses, and the hoodie sweatshirt...and then I decided to shake things up, because I always draw dudes. So I decided to make it an old guy instead. I added a bunch of wrinkles and a bald head, and suddenly he's old. What I like about this drawing is that something about it seems so odd - I think it's seeing an old man wearing a hoodie sweatshirt. I just never see that. It makes the whole drawing seem a little off, and I think I like it. Next I should draw an old lady with an ipad wearing Toms.

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  1. You need to meet my parents. They are cute old-ish people who wear sweatshirts and play with ipads :)


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