Doodle Day

7:26 AM

Yesterday at work we had a staff meeting, and I couldn't help but doodle for a bit.
I thought it might be fun to run through my doodle-thought-process, so here we go. The profile at the top left was an attempt to draw my friend Nate, who was sitting next to me. He was not actually smoking, but recently we were at a wedding reception where he was pretending to smoke pretzel that's what's happening there. (I repeat, no pretzels were actually being smoked at our staff meeting.) Next to him we have a sasquatch, or "Mattsquatch", as my friend Matt recently had to wear a sasquatch costume around work for a day. Soon he'll be starring in a music video in said costume, being filmed at our snack shack - so naturally I drew him eating a milkshake. The profile at the top right was another Mattsquatch attempt...but it looks nothing like him. I tried to draw my boss in the lower left corner, but that is not an attractive rendition. She looks much less mannish in person. The trio at the bottom is meant to be the Fringe cast (I might be obsessed) but I think they're far from recognizable. I always draw ladies with chins that are too big for them, which is what happened to Olivia (between the two guys), which is why I tried to black out part of it. Chin up, eh? The little cartoon person with the black shading around him is a charicature of my friend Michael, who is easy to draw and has become a bit of a regular in my doodles for that reason. To the right of him is a doodle of myself, and to the right of that is my favorite part of this whole's me, as if I'm Harry Potter. It's me showing my lighting bolt scar. I have no idea why I felt like drawing that, but I'm glad I did.

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