Lucy in the Sky with Hipsters

7:28 AM

This is one of my favorites. I had a brief interaction with my friend Devin today, and somehow it made me think of this...
Devin loves the Beatles (as do I) and I started to wonder what it would be like if the Beatles were trying to make it in the music scene today. Not as their current elderly selves, but if I could go back in time and pluck the young Beatles from the sixties, what music "scene" would they fit in? I think they'd have to be hipsters on an indie record label, right? I mean, they're not going to tour with Usher or Kanye West or anything. They might tour with Arcade Fire. Anyway, if the Beatles were an up-and-coming band in this day and age, I like to think it would look a little something like this.


There's nothing wrong with a little make-believe.

7:36 AM

This comic is only funny to me because it's based off an actual conversation that I had with my dad.
My dad is a good man. There are many traits of his that I've inherited, and I'm happy that I resemble him in so many ways. One trait that we share is our passion for things - we are passionate about the things we love. Especially the little things. For me it's fancy salads, Tina Fey, mechanical pencils, James Bond...for him, it's things like keyboard shortcuts, fruitcake, hybrid cars, and any TV show where bad guys go to jail at the end. We have different loves, but the same level of intensity and devotion to them.

On the other hand, we also tend to be less accepting of the things we don't like. And my dad does not like stories based around make-believe. You couldn't pay him enough to sit through Lord of the Rings. That would be torture for him. He saw Star Wars when it came out (to see what all the fuss was about) and thought it was ridiculous. Who doesn't like Star Wars?! So when I mentioned that I saw Harry Potter, he had a hard time understanding why I would want to see such a "silly" movie in the first place. But then he weakened his remaining credibilty by talking about how awesome PeeWee Herman is...I was reminded that, no matter what nerdy thing I'm obsessed with right now, my dad is infatuated with something equally silly. Like father, like daughter.


8:15 AM

I drew this picture five and a half years ago, a week before I thought I was going to have to leave the mountains that I live in...summer was ending and I had to go back to my "normal" life, which at the time was a small apartment in Azusa (Azusa is a lot less pretty than my mountains.) I drew this picture sadly - I drew it representing what I was going to miss when I had to leave. I knew I was going to miss waking up to nature and the mountains around me, but then something wonderful happened...circumstances changed, a job appeared, and suddenly I realized I was never moving back to Azusa.

I still live in the mountains today. I still love it.
And I like that this drawing started out as a lament of what my life would be lacking, but instead it represents my life as it still is. Every day when I wake up, the first things I see are the sprawling oak trees outside my window that change with the seasons...and I am thankful.


Grab Life by the Horns

7:27 AM

Okay. Here's the deal. This is a ridiculously stupid drawing - one that I shouldn't share with anybody, let alone the entire interwebs...but it's the only thing I've got right now. So here we go. Sometimes artists, even semi-respectable ones, draw stupid stuff. You start out with what seemed like a good idea, and then once you see it on the paper, you realize it's been a waste of your time. Take this drawing, for instance. I thought it could be clever to draw a girl (I'd rather not claim this one as a self-portrait) riding on what seemed like a horse - a bucking bronco, if you will - but really, it's not a horse at all. It's life. In all its untamed glory. Soooo deep. But instead, the word constipation comes to mind, rather than the complexities of the life bronco.
Well, you win some and you lose some. That's life, eh?


Babies Everywhere

7:18 AM

These are cartoon versions of my seven favorite children.
A lot of my friends have kids these days. And they're really, really great kids. They're funny and adorable and more stylish than I am (I have literally copied outfits that these kids wear on multiple occasions.) I'm afraid my drawings don't do them justice. We gathered them all together for a photo shoot recently, which is normally a very difficult thing to do - due to wiggling and squirming and whatnot. But, by some sort of miracle, this time they sat together perfectly like perfect little baby models. I like to think that these kids will be in each other's lives (and mine) for a long time, and I get happy when I think of them growing up together. So to Adeline, Macyn, Collin, Olivia, Iris, Brody, and Evelyn - thanks for the smiles, laughs, hugs...and fashion tips.

Tall Tail

7:35 AM

After drawing so many houses on stilts, I tried to think of other things I could draw on stilts.
And while these giraffe legs don't quite count as "stilts," I still like the outcome.


Doodle Day

7:26 AM

Yesterday at work we had a staff meeting, and I couldn't help but doodle for a bit.
I thought it might be fun to run through my doodle-thought-process, so here we go. The profile at the top left was an attempt to draw my friend Nate, who was sitting next to me. He was not actually smoking, but recently we were at a wedding reception where he was pretending to smoke pretzel that's what's happening there. (I repeat, no pretzels were actually being smoked at our staff meeting.) Next to him we have a sasquatch, or "Mattsquatch", as my friend Matt recently had to wear a sasquatch costume around work for a day. Soon he'll be starring in a music video in said costume, being filmed at our snack shack - so naturally I drew him eating a milkshake. The profile at the top right was another Mattsquatch attempt...but it looks nothing like him. I tried to draw my boss in the lower left corner, but that is not an attractive rendition. She looks much less mannish in person. The trio at the bottom is meant to be the Fringe cast (I might be obsessed) but I think they're far from recognizable. I always draw ladies with chins that are too big for them, which is what happened to Olivia (between the two guys), which is why I tried to black out part of it. Chin up, eh? The little cartoon person with the black shading around him is a charicature of my friend Michael, who is easy to draw and has become a bit of a regular in my doodles for that reason. To the right of him is a doodle of myself, and to the right of that is my favorite part of this whole's me, as if I'm Harry Potter. It's me showing my lighting bolt scar. I have no idea why I felt like drawing that, but I'm glad I did.

Sketching Houses

7:29 AM

I recently saw some architectural drawings of houses and it made me want to take a stab at it.
At first I wanted to draw houses whimsically (word?) like the house on the left, but then by the third house I was actually trying to draw a normal, pretty house (I think that's also pretty apparent by my color choices for the homes.) I would definitely choose to live in the house on the right, even though it looks most like a tract home.



7:24 AM

This is an oldy-but-goody that I drew years ago, but today I felt like posting it.
I drew it to represent the different "seasons" we go through in life - that sometimes a weary "winter" makes our branches feel like drooping, our leaves wither up and fall...and sometimes it's spring, with strong branches and lots of leaves. Lately I've been feeling like I'm in winter. Or rather, it feels like I'm in one season and most of my friends are in another (I'm sure this is reeeeally hard for most of you to decipher) but as I look at this, I remember that this isn't a "bad" season. This is the season of life where I can go to a 10pm movie on a whim or sleep until noon on Saturdays, or travel every week for months (my schedule lately), and I get to spend hours and hours drawing and dreaming and creating (I'm told in other seasons, your time gets taken up quicker.)
So if this is winter - bring it on. I'm determined to see the beauty of it. And I really, really love snow.

And on a very random side note - ladies, didn't you hate it when you were like twelve and all your female relatives started talking about how you were "blossoming"?! Gosh, I hated that term. I will never tell anyone that they are blossoming. Ever. Even if their arms are literally sprouting flowers.


Hot Diggity Dog

7:35 AM

In case you were wondering, there's no insightful-deep-significance to this sketch.
It's just a hot dog with my name written in mustard. No hidden meaning. I'm not even hungry.
And I don't even like mustard...but it just didn't look right when it was ketchup.


One More High-Rise

7:24 AM

Okay, one more copycat high-rise drawing...this will be my last (at least for now.)
I think I finally "got it," though - this is the first one I love enough to have up on my wall or something. It's the only one that actually uses two-point perspective somewhat correctly, and I like all the random colors in it. I like that sometimes the watercolor is bleeding a little bit outside the lines, and the "stilts" lines are a little wobbly. I like that the telephone wires go right through the little city. I like the lone crane. I've been debating which building I would live in and, though green is typically my first choice, I think I have to go with the building with the fire escape, because I love them. I want to sit on the fire escape playing Moon River like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. I would also consider using my fire escape to cuddle up with Hugh Jackman like in Kate & Leopold. Fire escapes clearly have several very practical uses, and I want a piece of that pie.


Lord of the Fringe

7:40 AM

This drawing might not make sense to everyone, but I thought it would be fun to draw...
After my last post, I thought this seemed like the appropriate next step: to make fun of something that John Noble (who plays Walter on Fringe) had done in his acting past - the only other thing I've seen him in - playing Denethor in Lord of the Rings. He's the old dude that goes crazy when his first son dies, so he starts to burn his other son's complicated. Denethor is also notably remembered as the guy that eats his food with his mouth open and it's so gross. Anyway, this is a depiction of John Noble channeling his Denethor roots in a Fringe episode.


Best Fringe Scene Ever

7:23 AM

I keep waiting for this type of scene to appear in an episode of Fringe.
I can't seem to forget that Joshua Jackson was in The Mighty Ducks,
and I also often refer to his Fringe character as Pacey.


My Latest Obsession

7:24 AM

If you know me at all, you've probably noticed that I have a sort of obsessive personality. When I like something, I love it and want more of it. This applies to movies, friends, food, music, hobbies, and (especially lately) TV shows. I recently discovered the show "Fringe" and I can't stop watching. And I don't want to. I borrowed the season 1 DVD set from a friend and I've been plowing through it. For a while I thought it was too scary to watch (wuss) but I finally saw how wrong I was to ignore such a wonderful show, and now I'm fully on board. This drawing is an attempt to draw the cast of Fringe (although it turns out I can't draw Joshua Jackson's face right no matter how many times I try) to honor my newfound favorite show.


Two More

7:26 AM

I'm still having fun with these houses on stilts...
I apologoze if these are kind of boring, and I don't have much to say about them. But I'm enjoying myself drawing them. Watercolor and I have always been nemesises (Nemeses? Nemisi?) but I finally feel like we're on the same team, working hand in hand. I like drawing watercolor buildings, and I'm very intrigued that telephone wires can be so unattractive in real life and so beautiful in paintings. I daresay, they're downright elegant. It makes me want to add telephone wires to everything I draw.


Old Youngin

7:23 AM

I like this guy. How could I not?
I originally started this drawing thinking I was drawing a young dude. I drew the jawline, the Buddy Holly glasses, and the hoodie sweatshirt...and then I decided to shake things up, because I always draw dudes. So I decided to make it an old guy instead. I added a bunch of wrinkles and a bald head, and suddenly he's old. What I like about this drawing is that something about it seems so odd - I think it's seeing an old man wearing a hoodie sweatshirt. I just never see that. It makes the whole drawing seem a little off, and I think I like it. Next I should draw an old lady with an ipad wearing Toms.



7:34 AM

I like to think that a squirrel lives here...or maybe it's big enough for a badger or mole or hedgehog.


High Rise

7:31 AM

I'm still having fun drawing these high rise buildings in the style of Jordan Josafat.
It's outside of my normal realm of drawing style. The color is done first (with watercolor) and then the pen is drawn on top of it...I'm not sure if I've ever done color first - it's kind of backwards for me, which I think is part of what I'm enjoying about it. I also enjoy rope ladders and fire escapes, so that's also a plus.


Paperback Rider

7:32 AM

Today's drawing is dedicated to my friend Laura, who recently confessed that
she spent the majority of her life thinking the Beatles had a hit song called "Paperback Rider."


Sometimes I'm a Copycat

7:34 AM

I recently saw some artwork by a guy named Jordan Josafat, and it was so cool that I immediately had to try to create some of my own. He draws these pretty watercolor houses perched up on little stilts, with telephone wires somehow looking elegant and delicate...I just wanted to see if I could make them myself.

I find myself copying people's artwork a lot. It's a good excercise, a way to make yourself draw something you've never drawn before. This is my first venture into the houses-on-tiny-stilts-world. And I like it. I wouldn't have drawn this without the inspiration from Jordan. But what makes me sad is that once it's all said and done, once I have this cool thing staring up at me from my sketchbook - even though I created it with my pen and my paintbrush, it's not mine. I couldn't sell this or try to pass it off as my own. It's like learning a great Beatles song on guitar - even if you practice for hours and hours and get it right and you're so proud of how you can play it, it's still not yours...Then again, cover songs get released all the time.
Consider this a cover song of the smash hit "Houses on Stilts" by Jordan Josafat.
Sung and performed by Annie Ludes.

Here's Jordan's website and some other paintings he's created: 



7:28 AM

Lately I've been wishing I had more time in the day.
I wish I had a few extra hours, or even better - I wish I could freeze time completely for a little while and get everything done and organized, and then come back to my daily life. And I'm not even a parent or anything! I'm sure this feeling is quadrupled for people who actually have stress and responsibilities. I just want to play more and get 12 hours of sleep instead of 8. I shouldn't be complaining. But sometimes I look back at my twenties and I can't figure out what happened to the time.

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