Smart Alex

7:11 AM

This is a very special week. It's comic strip week!
I'm out of town until Saturday, so I will not have the time I normally do to sketch things on a daily basis and post them. Instead, we're going to journey through some comic strips I drew earlier this year. Being a comic strip artist has been one of my dream jobs ever since I was a kid, and a few months ago I decided to create my own...just for fun.

It's called Smart Alex (because I'm a smart-aleck and I love a good play on words) and centers around a girl named Alex (Alexis) and her quirky friends. Alex is a cartoon version of me and often says what I'm thinking. For instance, whenever someone casually mentions that they forgot to eat lunch, I always think and want to say the phrase "I don't understand what you just said" because the idea of missing a meal is so foreign to me.

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