R.I.P. Boss-O-Lantern

7:21 AM

I wanted to show you what happened to my boss-o-lantern.
It died.
Like, it really died.
I knew it was going to decompose (I always sort of look forward to that part) but I didn't think it would go this quickly! When I left it last Friday, it still looked totally fine. Then I came back on Wednesday and it was covered in black mold. I should have known. It was so gross and oozy and squishy and disposing of it was actually quite difficult. Once I opened the pumpkin lid, I saw that the whole pumpkin was 2/3 filled with crazy mold that looked like gray cotton candy - and suddenly I was holding my breath because I was afraid I was going to breathe in deadly mold toxins. The whole thing was an ordeal. Next year I'm going to get rid of the pumpkin before it gets filled with crazy cotton candy mold. Good plan.

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