Office Painting

7:39 AM

I finally finished a painting for my office.
For some reason, I was determined to go find a big piece of plywood as a canvas for my project. I'm not much of a painter, and it's actually harder for me to paint on canvas because the canvas texture always ends up showing's like I don't use enough paint. But when I draw on plywood, it's so smooth that I can manage to feel successful at the end of it. So I found my "canvas", grabbed some paints, and went to work.

I wanted a tree silhouette from the beginning, and I think it turned out well...but it's also lacking. I didn't mean for the whole thing to feel lopsided, with the tree only on one half. I'm still trying to brainstorm what could go on the left side. It only feels truly complete when one of my coworkers comes in and sits in the chair beneath it - the shades of yellow seem to fan out behind their head like a golden halo, and then it feels like that was my plan all along.

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  1. You are such an amazing artist!
    I still think you need to go with my suggestion though....


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