Dudles (like doodles, but of dudes.)

7:40 AM

There's not much of a story to tell here, except that these are just some random doodles of random guys.
I find it much easier to draw guys than girls, mainly because I like drawing strong, straight jawlines and foreheads. So while I'm capable of drawing ladies, they typically end up looking pretty masculine with pointy chins. So I stick to guys, also because it's more fun to look at the end result (if you know what I mean)...except the guy with the ponytail. Whenever I draw someone's profile, I almost always draw them looking left...it has something to do with being right-handed. It's just way easier than drawing a person looking to the right. If I had to give everyone here a nickname, they would be Freckles, Big Eyes, Molestache, and Singletooth. See if you can guess who's who.

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