This is why James Bond doesn't let me hang out with him.

7:24 AM

I love James Bond. I was 11 when I saw my first Bond movie (Thunderball) and I was hooked. He's not exactly a role model, but I've always had a thing for spies. I like the gadgets, the cars, the villains, the silly dialogue...I love the 007 movies that were made in the sixties. Sean Connery will always be my favorite, and he's who I attempted to draw here.

My twelfth birthday party had a 007 theme, and it was awesome. We drank out of martini glasses and decoded puzzles and and drove around the Ventura harbor in a boat trying to dismantle "bombs" that my mom had hidden on friends' docks...I'm making it sound complicated, but it was the best party ever. My mom pretended to be Miss Moneypenny and my dad was Q (if you don't know who these people are, do yourself a favor and rent "Goldfinger" or "From Russia with Love" right away.) The funny part is - one of the party favors we gave every guest was a button (like a big pin, not like a sewing button) with a different Bond girl name on it. So, each of the girls at my party was a different Bond girl.

It's funny because, in hindsight, it's crazy that we gave jr. high girls nametags with such inappropriate names. "Holly Goodhead" and "Plenty O'Toole" are some of the tame ones. Fortunately, we were kids and we didn't think anything of it. Bond girl names have always been ridiculous, so I couldn't resist the urge to mock them. That's what really lies at the heart of this drawing - me mocking all the Bond girls with inapropriate names. Needless to say, James thinks I'm kind of a third wheel in this scenario.

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  1. Oh well, there were a lot of ridiculous names, both for male and female alike, but in the end, it was part of the fun :D


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