7:43 AM

If I walked away from my Pixar trip having grasped anything tangible, it would be the love of pencil.
I forgot. I forgot that drawing with a mechanical pencil is the best thing ever.
Drawing with a pen is faster and quicker and easier to color once it's in Photoshop, but there's something lacking. I've gotten lazy. There's something wonderful about a real pencil-drawn sketch. The shading is more gradual, not cross-hatched lines. And because of the eraser-factor, I can actually fix my mistakes. As I wandered the art-laden halls of Pixar, I noticed that every drawing, every character, every sketch started in pencil. And it looks good. Really, really good.

So yesterday, I buckled down and drew a real pencil portrait for the first time in years. And it took me forever. But it wouldn't look the same if I'd done it in pen. It would be worse. (You know, as far as rhinocerous-boy-portraits go.) For some reason, I wanted to draw a rhino boy all day long and I couldn't shake the urge. So here you go, world: Rhino Boy...drawn in pencil.

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