Pirates of the Submarine

7:49 AM

I'm still at it, drawing random movie characters into various cartoon styles. I'm enjoying myself too much to quit now. So here we go for today - one of the weirder ones. I attempted to draw the characters from "Pirates of the Caribbean" in the style of the animated Beatles movie "Yellow Submarine" (pictured below.) Yes, it's quirky. Yellow Submarine is a crazy movie with bright colors and fanciful visuals - and pirates are typically dirty and only wearing browns and grays. So this was not a natural duo to combine. I had a hard time getting any of them to resemble their characters (Barbossa, Jack, Elizabeth, Will). I think Jack turned out the best, which suits me just fine. He's the one that matters. I played with it a little bit, giving Barbossa dark pink skin like Old Fred from Yellow Submarine and everyone has giant feet and hands like the Beatles do in the movie. Ladies in Yellow Submarine are all drawn with giant dresses even bigger than the one I gave Elizabeth...but it's close enough. Yellow Submarine was my favorite movie when I was in fifth grade, so I felt that it deserved a shout-out. That, and Alison (one of few who actually check this blog) requested it. So here you go. Now, bring me that horizon.

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  1. This is amazing, Annie. You should be famous...you will be famous. Don't forget me.

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