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7:37 AM

Here's a blast from the past...
Remember in elementary school when we'd do those straw/ink trees? You throw a few drops of black ink on paper and then use a straw to blow the drops of ink where you want them...It's super-easy and I love the creepy skinny tree arms that it creates. When I decided I wanted to make some of these, I searched the house and couldn't find any straws...except a plastic curly-cue kind that's meant for a child. So these were done with a red plastic curly straw, and I think that makes them extra special. 

 I added color to this one once I scanned it into Photoshop.
I'm not sure what kind of fruit is growing on this tree, but I like it all the same.

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  1. Wow I need to try that sometime. It looks awesome.

  2. I did pictures like this :D thanks for the inspiration


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