Lion & Oz

7:46 AM

Last week I set out to see if I could imitate the work of James Hance (below) by drawing random movie characters into different styles of comics and cartoons...I've enjoyed it thoroughly, but I was still a little annoyed that none of my drawings seemed to have the sweetness that his originals possess. I wasn't sure what I was missing. Then it dawned on me - the thing that makes these drawings really great is that it's Han Solo as a little boy, not a grown-up. That's what gives these such an "adorable factor." So, for what may be my final attempt in this series, I drew Dorothy as a little girl with her trusty lion...I was shooting for Calvin and Hobbes. I didn't have time to add a background or anything, but I like it. I can picture them crashing through the poppy fields and tumbling down the yellow brick road, maybe having snowball fights with the wicked witch...Calvin and Hobbes is a wonderful cartoon. I love the insight it gives into the imagination of a child. The funny thing is, I spent my entire childhood very confused about whether or not Hobbes was an actual tiger. I didn't get it. I couldn't understand how this boy got away with having a tiger for a best friend. Then again, I'm sure people will wonder the same thing about Dorothy and her lion.

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