Lion & Oz: Part II

7:40 AM

For whatever reason, I'm particularly fond of combining Calvin and Hobbes with The Wizard of Oz.
I like drawing Dorothy as a little Calvin with a giant head and tiny feet. I changed her hairstyle from last time, and it's a bit more true to the real Dorothy hairstyle. Last time I was modeling Dorothy after Calvin's friend Susie, but this time I shaped her head more like Calvin's. I tried to model the scarecrow and tin man after Calvin's parents, and little Toto is drawn in the style of Hobbes-the-stuffed-animal.

On a somewhat unrelated note - Wicked is the greatest musical since The Sound of Music.
Yup, I said it. I just thought I'd give Wicked a shout-out with this comic...even though it's rather Dorothyless.

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  1. I, of course, love the Wicked comment. Very cool.


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