"Holy Prehistoric Pals, Batman!"

7:30 AM

Come on, the Batcycle is awesome! Right?! I've never been more proud.
(Yes, I know it's technically called a "Batpod" in The Dark Knight, but that sounds like what Batman would listen to music on, rather than a motorcycle.) And I can't take credit for the background of this image - I copied it from the real Flintstones but I like that it makes a believable Bat Cave. It makes "Fratman & Barnbin" look more convincing. Originally, I drew the guys with boots and tights and everything, but then once I drew the wooden/stone batcycle, I realized the guys should be barefoot so the caveman theme was upheld. Because I really like the Batcycle. I also like how happy they are, since the real Batman is grumpy a lot.

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