Castle Options...

7:49 AM

A while ago I drew a castle and didn't know how to finish it. I liked it, but it was so boring that I wanted to do something fun with the one remaining tower (I think the real word is turret but I doubted my castle anatomy knowledge). So I tried to come up with all kinds of whimsical ways I could spice up the castle drawing...but in the end, I think they're all pretty ridiculous and the best bet is just to stick with the smoky (I'm also doubting the spelling of this word thanks to Smokey the Bear) chimney option up top. I thought the bottom right one would be cooler than it was, and it might still be my favorite even though it's not as pretty as Ol' Smoky. (Seriously, I keep googling the word "smoky" because I can't believe it's the correct spelling. Also, this "conversation" is making me think of Mokey, the hippie Fraggle. Just thought I'd take you there with me.)

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