Thursday, August 19, 2010

Popeye Drinks Red Bull

This is just a silly doodle of Popeye and me.
As I sat down to draw him, I realized he is the most out-of-proportion cartoon character I've ever seen. I mean, those forearms are no joke. And his weird little knee-bumps? He's definitely on steroids. It made it difficult to draw my cartoon character proportionally correct because I'm next to such an odd individual. I always thought it was peculiar that Popeye got his strength from spinach...even as a child, I rememeber wondering if it was some sort of subliminal advertising (like the Drink More Ovaltine bit in "A Christmas Story" - Popeye says "Eat more spinach, kids!") So anyway, I just figured I would expand Pop's beverage arsenal with some sugar and caffeine.