Peter Pannie

3:00 PM

When I was a kid, I adored Peter Pan (and still do.)
I wanted to fly, I wanted to play with the Lost Boys in the forest, and I never wanted to grow up. Peter and I would have gotten along splendidly. This page in my sketchbook was just a plain brick wall, so I decided it should have me and the boys flying off to Neverland. In this scenario, I'm replacing Wendy...I didn't "forget" to draw her. I did, however, leave out Tinkerbell on purpose. She and I have never gotten along, as I'm annoyed that she has so much merchandise in the Disney store while Peter himself has so little. And who does she think she is? In the original book, she is SUCH a brat. So, to show my love for Pete, I've been boycotting Tink for a decade or so. (That'll show her!)

Anyway, I recently bought a white-out pen so I could draw the characters against the brick background and have them show up. And since the background was just plain gray (see below), I brightened it up when I scanned it into Photoshop so it almost looks like we're gliding across a beautiful brick night sky.

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  1. Very cool. :) And yes, that Tink CAN be a handful. She's no longer with us, though, as you may know from reading the book.

    Be sure to read these two books... they're different than the 'other' Pan books out there.

    A novel based on Barrie's own idea for more:
    And here's a great 'What if?' adventure (but it's not for the kids!): Click!


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