Lions and Otters and Beavers...Oh my!

9:05 AM

This is my office.
It might not look like an office, but this is what it's like.
Most of my coworkers and I recently took a personality test that tells you what type of learning style you are. It's a test developed by Gary Smalley and John Trent that ends up assigning an animal mascot to your personality to represent your learning style. There are four different possibilities: Lion, Otter, Beaver, and Golden Retriever.

I think every female in my office is a lion (except me). Lions are intuitive, energetic, aggressive, instinctive risk-takers. And then most of the men in my office are otters. Otters are imaginative, spontaneous, idealistic, and enjoy the lighter side of life. They like to play.

And then there's me.
I'm the only beaver (please hold all beaver jokes until the end of this post). Beavers' characteristics are being detail-oriented, factual, consistent, dependable. I'm not all those things all the time, but they do describe me. It's my job to support all the lions and otters, and the beaver is designed for just that. As silly as this animal-personality-test seems, I like that it confirmed what I already knew - that I'm in a job that suits me. And every now and then, when I feel like I'm different from the team I work with...I can remember that I am.
And it's a good thing.

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  1. I was looking for an illustration that might fit with Smalley's personality inventory (which I'll be sharing with some chaplains from Africa next week). What a joy to find your creative site. You are quite gifted. Keep drawing... and be the best and happiest Beaver that you can be!


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