I Should Be More Embarrassed By This

7:09 AM

I work at a camp. It's wonderful, because I'm very campy.
We use walkie-talkie radios to communicate (which is of course, awesome). One summer when I was on staff, my friend and I were jealous that we didn't get radios, so we actually bought our own and just talked to each other. Anyway, in radio "lingo," people always try to get a hold of you by saying "Annie, do you copy?" One time, years ago, I heard someone respond to that question by saying "Like a Xerox machine!" And while I know this is a very cheesy response, I thought it was hilarious (I told you, I'm campy.) I think it's clever.

So when I decided to make a folder to keep everything I have to make copies of during the summer, the logical thing to do was to draw this. Because I do copy. Like a Xerox machine.

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