Drawing Myself

7:52 AM

I think self-portraits are a funny thing.
It’s interesting to see what artists translate different on paper than in reality. For instance, I don’t really have prominent freckles, but I refuse to draw myself without them. I loved having freckles when I was a kid and I didn’t want to lose them. To me, freckles represent youth and mischief and joy…so I always draw myself with freckles. I also draw my hair parted to the wrong side, because I’m drawing it how it looks in the mirror. But I really do wear my watch on my right hand, even though I’m right-handed, which is something no one else seems to do. I stick my tongue out when I’m concentrating, I wear boot-cut jeans, and my hair is currently at a point where it curls inward and then flips out at the bottom. I’ve become pretty comfortable with this version of cartoon-me, and it’s consistently looked like this for a while. At this point, I’m not sure I could change it if I wanted to. I mean, this has become a part of me. Cartoon-Annie, the only self-portrait I’ve ever been able to come up with.

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  1. I love this. Its perfect.


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