Tunnel Vision

11:25 PM

I originally meant for this to look like the inside of an anthill or molehill, but with people. Instead, I think it almost looks like a space station or treehouse or something...but I still like it. I think it would be so cool (literally) to live underground. I'm fascinated with subway tunnels and basements and at one point I was trying to convince my friends that we should buy an old missile silo and convert it into a multi-family house (that day was a prime example of my friends smiling and nodding politely while I pleaded nonsense.) But seriously, you can buy old missile silos. Look into it. But don't build a pool in there. That can't end well.
I do, however, recommend rope ladders.

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  1. Okay, I've always loved this one, but look, Nate's up at the top left in his man-chair!


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