To The Rescue!

11:52 AM

I've always loved superheroes. Dressing up as them, drawing them, watching them, reading about them...I think I was meant to have superpowers. I mean, you know, if anyone gets superpowers, I think it should be me. Because I want it the most. Every time I go through automatic doors at the grocery store, I pretend I'm opening the doors with my mind. Just the other day someone asked me why I'm going to ComicCon this summer (silliest question ever) and suddenly I had spent 20 minutes explaining how X-Men are awesome and I always wanted to be Rogue (even though she, you know...gets around.) So, before I carry on for another 20-minute rambling, I present to you an unknown superhero (I've been debating if I should call him "Brickman" or "Little Cape") and I'm sure in the next few days I'll come up with someone for him to save.

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