11:20 PM

So, it turns out that I don't like change very much.
Lately I've realized exactly how much I cling to things that are stable and consistent. I fear the unknown, I don't trust what I haven't already experienced, and I always look before I leap. I'm a very cautious person. I don't take risks. Until recently, I thought that was the best way to go. I would cringe whenever "change" happened to me, but I never sought it out.

But change is necessary. And as much as I want to stay rooted in safe and familiar surroundings, sometimes I need to take risks. I suppose that's the summary of what I drew today - if I stay rooted where I am forever, I might not grow as much as if I lean forward and reach for something new. It can be scary (what the heck is happening to my left hand up there?!), but I'm ready to embrace it.

So bring it on, Change.
I can handle it. 
Like an ocean wave of transformation in my life...
Wait, maybe not an ocean wave. Those always almost kill me.
Maybe like an ocean ripple instead. Or a tidepool of change. Yeah, I can handle that.
Bring it.

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