Presidential Rock Part I

4:12 PM

I've always had a thing for the presidents.
No, not like I liked them or anything (except maybe Wilson...I'm only human), I've just always been fascinated by them. I don't know who's a Republican or who's a Democrat or what the heck a Whig is...I just always liked reading about presidential trivia. Little facts and details about their lives. The Baby Ruth candy bar is named after Grover Cleveland's daughter. William Henry Harrison was only president for 32 days before he died. Ford worked as a fashion model before his presidency. Taft was so large they had to order a new White House bathtub. That kind of stuff.

So by now, I kind of feel like they're old friends. And I like to think that if I could gather them all together, they could form one heck of a rock band. Okay, so they probably can't play cool instruments (set the sax down, Bill) but I think anyone would pay good money to see a presidential rock band. They should make a presidential version of the Rock Band video game! NOW we're talking! I would SO play that. And you could pick what president you wanted to be?...I call dibs on Cleveland!

More to come.

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  1. You are SO funny, Annie. I love you. And I love how handsome Lincoln is.


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