Hipsters and Hobos

4:32 PM

"Oh you kids these days. I can't tell which one is a hipster and which one's a hobo.
You're all wearing beards, plaid, and riding a bike." – Tina Fey's twitter

It all goes down at Club Giraffe.

The first thing I drew here was the two people. The girl is sort of cartoon-Me, and this is a commentary on what I think of today's fashion. Wait, let me add some air quotes: "fashion", if you can call it that. I am not a fan of guys running around in torn skinny jeans and tanktops and scarves and boat shoes and sunglasses from the 80's. I don't "get it." And for Pete's sake, shave...Actually, forget Pete - do it for my sake. Or I might mistakenly think you're homeless. Maybe. But you can risk it if you want.

So then things got pretty random and I decided to draw a giraffe sticking its head out the door. What was fun is that the door was originally shut, but I wanted to see if I could draw it open. I used white-out on the beginning of the giraffe's neck (so it wouldn't be dark gray like it was orginally, as part of the closed door) and then I blacked out the part around it. Anyway, I like that it looks pretty convincing, and it almost looks like the door is meant to be open. Once I had drawn the giraffe, though, I figured I needed to explain his existence so I labeled the building "Club Giraffe." As if that explains anything.

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  1. You're my hero. I had no idea you had a blog.... or such an awesome one at that. I love that you're doing this and I can't wait for more! I've probably never told you this, but I suppose now is a good time, if any, to tell you... you're one of the funniest and most talented people I know. Seriously. Truly. Honestly. Keep doing this!


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