Ghosts & Albinos

9:12 PM

I've been avoiding this page of my sketchbook for weeks now.
It's one of few pages in my "Walls" sketchbook that has a pretty dark background. Every time I looked at this page I was drained of creativity and I cringed at thought of wasting drawings on a page where I'd barely be able to see them. So instead, I got creative in a different way...I got some Wite-Out (side note: is it always spelled like that?! I always prefer spelling things correctly rather than "cleverly" changing the spelling to something like "wite.")

So I felt pretty limited with my doodling options on this page, even with my Wite-Out in hand. I figured I should go for ghosts and albino kids, since whatever I drew now had to have a white background. It turns out, drawing with Wite-Out is a lot harder than I would have thought. There would have been more ghosts, had it not been for my extreme Wite-frustration. (If other people liked puns as much as I do, I would have mentioned a desire to "Wite-Pout" about it...but no one likes puns. It's a real shame.)

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