Dumb Girltree

9:10 PM

This drawing always makes me giggle. It reminds me that I'm far from perfect, and that sometimes I draw things that are absolutely ridiculous. I've almost deleted it from my computer a dozen times...but somewhere along the way I became attached to it. It's saved under the filename "Dumb Girltree" because even when I first saved it, I already thought it was silly.

The thing is...when I drew this, I just wanted to draw. I wanted to draw SOMETHING and I had no inspiration and this is what came out of it. It's stupid, it looks like a praying reindeer, but it's what I came up with. I think the reason that now I'm a little fond of the drawing is that normally I don't start things if I don't know how to finish them...I plan. I pre-plan. I know where I'm going with every step, every project, every drawing. So to have something that I made up willy-nilly as I went...well maybe that's worth saving after all. And thus Dumb Girltree lives to see another day.

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