A Day at the Circus

12:06 AM

I think the elephant is still my favorite, but at least now he has some friends...
I may have slightly misjudged the size of the various characters, as the boy is being followed by a giant bird  and the orangutan is as tall as the elephant. Let's just say it's a baby elephant. And if you're wondering - yes, the bird is modeled after the mascot for Vlasic pickles. I started to give him a backwards newsboy hat, but then I realized it's not 1993 so I went with the coonskin cap instead. Speaking of 1993, I'm listening to Lisa Loeb right now. And I wish I looked cool in glasses.

I'd like to see this ramp jump happen some day in real life, if possible. If anyone knows of a circus that performs animal stunts like this, let me know. Maybe with some fire involved, or a trapeze act? Until then...

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