Dumb Girltree

9:10 PM

This drawing always makes me giggle. It reminds me that I'm far from perfect, and that sometimes I draw things that are absolutely ridiculous. I've almost deleted it from my computer a dozen times...but somewhere along the way I became attached to it. It's saved under the filename "Dumb Girltree" because even when I first saved it, I already thought it was silly.

The thing is...when I drew this, I just wanted to draw. I wanted to draw SOMETHING and I had no inspiration and this is what came out of it. It's stupid, it looks like a praying reindeer, but it's what I came up with. I think the reason that now I'm a little fond of the drawing is that normally I don't start things if I don't know how to finish them...I plan. I pre-plan. I know where I'm going with every step, every project, every drawing. So to have something that I made up willy-nilly as I went...well maybe that's worth saving after all. And thus Dumb Girltree lives to see another day.


Ghosts & Albinos

9:12 PM

I've been avoiding this page of my sketchbook for weeks now.
It's one of few pages in my "Walls" sketchbook that has a pretty dark background. Every time I looked at this page I was drained of creativity and I cringed at thought of wasting drawings on a page where I'd barely be able to see them. So instead, I got creative in a different way...I got some Wite-Out (side note: is it always spelled like that?! I always prefer spelling things correctly rather than "cleverly" changing the spelling to something like "wite.")

So I felt pretty limited with my doodling options on this page, even with my Wite-Out in hand. I figured I should go for ghosts and albino kids, since whatever I drew now had to have a white background. It turns out, drawing with Wite-Out is a lot harder than I would have thought. There would have been more ghosts, had it not been for my extreme Wite-frustration. (If other people liked puns as much as I do, I would have mentioned a desire to "Wite-Pout" about it...but no one likes puns. It's a real shame.)

To Serve Man

6:18 PM

This sketch is a tribute to the fact that I'm really thrilled we're at the top of the food chain.

Also, if I could go back in time I would change the title of my last blog post to "I'm Steamed." Get it?! I really missed an opportunity there.

"...and I'd like a side of Annie, please."

5:23 PM

This is a drawing of me as a side dish.
I'm lying on a pile of asparagus, which is never fun.
I don't know who's trying to eat me or why, but I do not look happy about it.
More to come.


11:20 PM

So, it turns out that I don't like change very much.
Lately I've realized exactly how much I cling to things that are stable and consistent. I fear the unknown, I don't trust what I haven't already experienced, and I always look before I leap. I'm a very cautious person. I don't take risks. Until recently, I thought that was the best way to go. I would cringe whenever "change" happened to me, but I never sought it out.

But change is necessary. And as much as I want to stay rooted in safe and familiar surroundings, sometimes I need to take risks. I suppose that's the summary of what I drew today - if I stay rooted where I am forever, I might not grow as much as if I lean forward and reach for something new. It can be scary (what the heck is happening to my left hand up there?!), but I'm ready to embrace it.

So bring it on, Change.
I can handle it. 
Like an ocean wave of transformation in my life...
Wait, maybe not an ocean wave. Those always almost kill me.
Maybe like an ocean ripple instead. Or a tidepool of change. Yeah, I can handle that.
Bring it.

Vampire Weekend

4:31 PM

Don't get me wrong, I like to mock Twilight as much as the next person...
but I might be going to see Eclipse this weekend.
Okay, it's for sure.
It's pre-meditated and I have no excuse.
I saw the first one to see what all the hype was about and now I just have to see the rest of the series...you know, I can't leave on a cliffhanger. Who will Bella end up with? Will Jacob ever put a shirt on? Will Edward Cullen ever stop brooding? These are important questions.

So even though I'm actually paying money to see this movie, I still like to poke fun at what I consider to be some of the silliest acting I've ever seen. I think I would actually like these movies if I found either Edward OR Jacob to be remotely likeable. But they're not. They're ridiculous! If Bella had any common sense, she would settle down with a nice guy like hypothetical Larry up there. He owns his own condo, has a good relationship with his mother, knows how to barbeque...Bella should try to stop dating people who eat other people. That's what I would tell her.

And if by chance you're reading this and you don't know who Bella and Jacob and Edward are...consider yourself lucky.

To Do-odle

5:25 PM

This is what my "to do" list looked like this week.
I enjoy scratching all the lines together into odd shapes...I think it's some sort of awning with some sort of leaky spill...and one little guy waving from up at the top!

Presidential Rock Part II

4:56 PM

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...Presidential Rock.
I will say, I'm a bit disappointed with my attempt at Nixon. He's the middle one, but he's pretty unrecognizable. And this is AFTER I cheated and gave him Photoshop plastic surgery (photasticurgery) because when I orginally drew him, some unfortunate shading made him look like Saddam Hussein (below.) So compared to that, he looks great now...but still, he could pass for Reagan. It's hard to tell.

I just like that the former presidents are all rocking together. Abe seems to be a happy Ringo, Teddy's rocking the electric guitar, and Nixon - well, he seems to be the party animal of the trio.

(Nixon, pre-photasticurgery)

Presidential Rock Part I

4:12 PM

I've always had a thing for the presidents.
No, not like I liked them or anything (except maybe Wilson...I'm only human), I've just always been fascinated by them. I don't know who's a Republican or who's a Democrat or what the heck a Whig is...I just always liked reading about presidential trivia. Little facts and details about their lives. The Baby Ruth candy bar is named after Grover Cleveland's daughter. William Henry Harrison was only president for 32 days before he died. Ford worked as a fashion model before his presidency. Taft was so large they had to order a new White House bathtub. That kind of stuff.

So by now, I kind of feel like they're old friends. And I like to think that if I could gather them all together, they could form one heck of a rock band. Okay, so they probably can't play cool instruments (set the sax down, Bill) but I think anyone would pay good money to see a presidential rock band. They should make a presidential version of the Rock Band video game! NOW we're talking! I would SO play that. And you could pick what president you wanted to be?...I call dibs on Cleveland!

More to come.

A Day at the Circus

12:06 AM

I think the elephant is still my favorite, but at least now he has some friends...
I may have slightly misjudged the size of the various characters, as the boy is being followed by a giant bird  and the orangutan is as tall as the elephant. Let's just say it's a baby elephant. And if you're wondering - yes, the bird is modeled after the mascot for Vlasic pickles. I started to give him a backwards newsboy hat, but then I realized it's not 1993 so I went with the coonskin cap instead. Speaking of 1993, I'm listening to Lisa Loeb right now. And I wish I looked cool in glasses.

I'd like to see this ramp jump happen some day in real life, if possible. If anyone knows of a circus that performs animal stunts like this, let me know. Maybe with some fire involved, or a trapeze act? Until then...


8:15 PM

I'm not really sure where this drawing is going, but I know it involves an elephant on a bicycle.
This sketch is already one of my favorites...I like that he's wearing a tiny little helmet on his big ol' head.


12:51 AM

This is an example of a drawing I did aimlessly. I started it thinking I would figure it out as I went, except I never really figured out what I was doing. Why is the crying eye-branch what waters the hand-plant? And really, a heart-sun? Really?! Have I stooped to that level? I do like the hand-plant, but I think the rest of it is just silly. 

Hipsters and Hobos

4:32 PM

"Oh you kids these days. I can't tell which one is a hipster and which one's a hobo.
You're all wearing beards, plaid, and riding a bike." – Tina Fey's twitter

It all goes down at Club Giraffe.

The first thing I drew here was the two people. The girl is sort of cartoon-Me, and this is a commentary on what I think of today's fashion. Wait, let me add some air quotes: "fashion", if you can call it that. I am not a fan of guys running around in torn skinny jeans and tanktops and scarves and boat shoes and sunglasses from the 80's. I don't "get it." And for Pete's sake, shave...Actually, forget Pete - do it for my sake. Or I might mistakenly think you're homeless. Maybe. But you can risk it if you want.

So then things got pretty random and I decided to draw a giraffe sticking its head out the door. What was fun is that the door was originally shut, but I wanted to see if I could draw it open. I used white-out on the beginning of the giraffe's neck (so it wouldn't be dark gray like it was orginally, as part of the closed door) and then I blacked out the part around it. Anyway, I like that it looks pretty convincing, and it almost looks like the door is meant to be open. Once I had drawn the giraffe, though, I figured I needed to explain his existence so I labeled the building "Club Giraffe." As if that explains anything.

Jazz Plants

10:02 PM

This started as a simple idea...I drew the trumpet first and I liked it so much that I decided to add a few others to the musical garden. I had to look up the instruments online to figure out what was what, but it resulted in this doodle that I'm quite fond of.

Bank Robbers

2:38 PM

Well, I've got superheroes on the brain.
I was trying to draw this guy with x-ray vision, but instead it looks kind of like he's shooting saran wrap at a big hole in the wall. I'm not the sure the "x-ray-ness" came across properly. But clearly there's a robbery going on (I later googled "po box" and realized they're not actually that shape) and Superguy is going to put a stop to it. The real question is, what kind of respectable bank has that much graffitti on the back door?!

Damsel in Distress

1:38 AM

I found someone for my superhero to save. Yes, it looks like your typical run-of-the-mill circus performer has kidnapped some poor princess...I don't know how he ended up with a vest and top hat. The moustache makes sense to me, but the vest? With no shirt underneath? I can't quite remember where I was going with that. I suppose it makes the villain more unlikable, but not in a scary way.

As for the girl, I know it's not very PC to have a lady tied up waiting to be saved by a superdude. But you know what? James Bond movies are lame when the girl is all tough and can save herself. (Also, James Bond movies with angry circus performers are not very good either...watch Octopussy if you don't believe me.) Sometimes I think it's just fine to come up with stories where the girl gets rescued.

And let's not forget the monkey. What's his story? Does he have superstrength, or are we meant to assume that he has some very capable tools to break through the bricks? Either way, when deciding on Superdude's sidekick, a monkey seemed like the clear choice. Why wouldn't it be? And to clarify, the mouse is an innocent bystander, not an evil apprentice to the circus villain. Let's be realistic.

To The Rescue!

11:52 AM

I've always loved superheroes. Dressing up as them, drawing them, watching them, reading about them...I think I was meant to have superpowers. I mean, you know, if anyone gets superpowers, I think it should be me. Because I want it the most. Every time I go through automatic doors at the grocery store, I pretend I'm opening the doors with my mind. Just the other day someone asked me why I'm going to ComicCon this summer (silliest question ever) and suddenly I had spent 20 minutes explaining how X-Men are awesome and I always wanted to be Rogue (even though she, you know...gets around.) So, before I carry on for another 20-minute rambling, I present to you an unknown superhero (I've been debating if I should call him "Brickman" or "Little Cape") and I'm sure in the next few days I'll come up with someone for him to save.

Poor Zebra

10:16 PM

So, originally I thought this would be funny...but it hasn't lived up to my expectations. I thought it would be silly, the tagline "You are what you eat," and then the lion looks like a zebra, like he is what he ate (sorry I'm dumbing this down for you like you're six.) But I don't think it came across very well, and then today when I drew a zebra looking on...I just think the zebra looks too sad. I feel mopey for the zebra in her cute little apron, presumably realizing that her darling husband zebra was eaten by the lion.
Geez, why did I think this would be clever? This could be the plot of the next Saw movie or something. Not cool.

Tunnel Vision

11:25 PM

I originally meant for this to look like the inside of an anthill or molehill, but with people. Instead, I think it almost looks like a space station or treehouse or something...but I still like it. I think it would be so cool (literally) to live underground. I'm fascinated with subway tunnels and basements and at one point I was trying to convince my friends that we should buy an old missile silo and convert it into a multi-family house (that day was a prime example of my friends smiling and nodding politely while I pleaded nonsense.) But seriously, you can buy old missile silos. Look into it. But don't build a pool in there. That can't end well.
I do, however, recommend rope ladders.

Modern Cowboy

10:48 PM

This was just me trying to work with the space I was given, to draw on the walls around the windows.
I didn't figure out that the guy was going to me a cowboy until I got to his shoes...so then I drew his trusty horse and hound, hat and saddle. I googled the word "mezzogiorno" hoping maybe it would mean something insightful...but it just means "midday" in Italian. That's uninteresting, and frankly a bit of a letdown.

Hung out to dry.

10:15 PM

I like this one a lot. It's just fun and silly...that's how I roll.
I like how the dude on the left is weakly waving, like he's half-heartedly trying to get the girl's attention.
I had a hard time getting the clothes line to hang straight or symmetrically,
but apart from that I'm pretty pleased how it turned out.

Pride and Prejudice and Caricatures

11:50 PM

I wish I could draw people better. I wish I was better at caricatures...drawing specific people and having it look like them. It's the one thing I really wish I could draw but I can't with any ease. Every now and then I luck out and my sketches resemble who I'm trying to draw...but most of the time it's just sort of in the ballpark. That was the case with this sketch, where I tried to draw Keira Knightly and Matthew MacFadyen from "Pride and Prejudice." I know it kind of looks like them, but I wish I could do better. All that being said, I was pleased they weren't worse - I'm usually pretty bad when I use pen on the first try.

On a different note, there's a book out called "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies." First of all, I'm so sad I didn't think of that book title first. It's brilliant. Second, I was going to draw a zombie in between Keira and Matthew because I think it's such a funny concept. But then I noticed the paint on the brick around Keira's collarbone is actually peeling away and, if you pretend it's her skin, it's kind of like her skin is falling off and SHE'S the zombie! So I think it all worked out perfectly.

Friends in progress.

1:14 PM

I thought these were interesting...these are the original sketches I did for the drawing of the "Friends" characters (in my previous post). For starters, why did I start drawing them on lined paper?? Never draw on lined paper! I always regret it later. Fortunately, I was able to remove most of the necessary lines in Photoshop. But what I think is most interesting about these (besides how bad they are) is the fact that I combined the two Ross sketches into one. I liked the mouth and eyes from the left sketch and the face, nose,  and hair from the one on the right, so I went into Photoshop and combined them...and that's how I ended up with my final result.

Friends. (No, not my actual friends...I mean the TV Show.)

12:25 AM

This is a drawing I did years ago of the cast of Friends. I've always been better at drawing dudes than ladies, and I think that comes across here. I struggled and struggled to get the girls to look how they do now, and I still think the boys are better likenesses. Monica looks kind of crazy. Ross is my favorite. I like his weird smile...almost as much as I like the way he says "It tastes like feet."

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