So this is why I can't throw things away...

6:07 PM

This year my mom wrapped one of my birthday presents in this bag. It was a party favor from a birthday party I went to when I was six or seven. Back when I had to add the "L." to my name because there were two Annies in my class. I had decorated the bag myself, and my mom has kept it ever since. So now I have it. It's sitting on my desk and somehow I can't bring myself to throw it away. This thing has been alive longer than the internet. It's spent over 20 years NOT being thrown away. I feel like I have to save it. If nothing else, even though it's the tackiest kitty cat puff paint bag I've ever seen, I love this bag simply because it is something of mine that my mother cherished. So here's to 20 more years of not being thrown away. I'll show it to my grandkids, tell them it's an antique. But I'm sure they'll just roll their eyes, get back on their hoverboards, and fly off.

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